“It’s once in a lifetime,” Durant residents ecstatic for Presidential visit

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DURANT, Okla. -- An assortment of just less than 20,000 balloons are ready as a presidential address approaches.

The families of Catherine Kost and Anna Snow stayed up all night preparing signs, and chalking their driveway in preparation for the president's visit across the street.

"He can see our house from the chopper above," said Kost. "We're trying to get everyone out of our driveway, it's hectic."

Just down the road, yet another welcome wagon is good to go.

"It's a once in a lifetime for our children and for us, probably," said Karmon Cherry, showing off her presidential sign. "We will never probably get to experience this again."

Karmon's group left home across Durant to set up shop near the high school. They were actually allowed to stay in the yard of Christy Buchanan, who has never voted for President Obama.

"I didn't vote for him, but all that aside, its very exciting," Buchanan explained.

The President's imminent arrival brought law enforcement from all around, making traffic near the high school a nightmare.

"Oh my gosh it's crazy," said Kost. "We already had to call the cops on a couple people."

Though they know the most they'll get is perhaps a quick glimpse from across the street, for many, it's all they need.

"If my kids gets to see him, that,  it will be a world changer for them," said Cherry.


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