“That’s a very, very scary thought,” Oklahoma City residents on high alert after string of burglaries

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Surveillance cameras are becoming one of the best crime fighting tools around, and Oklahoma City police hope video of a burglary will lead to the arrest of two suspects.

It was the early morning hours of July 6 when police say two men broke into at least two trucks in a southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood.

In the video, police say two alleged suspects are seen getting into an F-150.

Authorities believe they have a tool that allows them to open doors without forced entry.

The owner says nothing of value was taken, but it was a different story for neighbors.

"They pulled all the compartments and kind of left it like this," Michele Wornock said as she looked inside her truck.

Wornock says the duo got away with a GPS and iPhone chargers.

"I didn't really feel angry. I was more scared, I think," Wornock said.

She is thankful the criminals did not find their expensive Star Wars collection and garage door opener.

"I thought if they had pushed the button and opened our garage, they could have gotten into our house and that's a very, very scary thought," Wornock said.

It is not the first time their neighborhood has been targeted by thieves. The family that lives next door said they have been burglarized three times.

They said their truck was targeted this time and back in May by a different alleged suspect, who was also caught on video.

The crimes have caused residents to be on high alert.

"We have an app called Next Door,” Wornock said. "With the app, we're able to communicate with neighbors and let them know what's going on.”

By banning together, they have eyes looking for anything out-of-place.

If you have any information on the crime, call CrimeStoppers at (405) 235-7300.

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