The Great Debate: How will President Obama pronounce “Durant”?

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DURANT, Okla. -- In anticipation of President Obama's arrival in Durant, Okla., we've been covering a slew of topics. But little does Mr. President know, tonight, he may be answering an age old question.

It's the fight that split the city in half.

"Doo-rant, Dee-rant, Duh-rant. It's a lot of names for it," one Durant resident said.

"Some people even like to say Doo-rant, America," another resident said.

The pronunciation of Duh-rant verses Doo-rant is quite the conversation starter.

The city was originally founded by Choctaw Dixon Durant in the 1800s. It seems the pronunciation has been lost.

"It depends how long you've lived here," Lori and Christy Buchanan agreed.

"Duh-rant. That's how you say it," one resident proclaimed.

President Obama's visit tonight could be the tipping point.

"I'm hoping he says it Duh-rant," another resident said. "But he may say it Doo-rant."

Some say it's geographical. Others say its simply wrong.

So inside Durant High School, the question remains: What will the President call the Magnolia Capitol?

"We won't be mad at him. He's here, that's all we care about," Durant resident Karmon Cherry said.


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