3 teens die in tragic driver’s ed accident

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ORANGE COUNTY, N.Y. – Three teenagers died in a tragic driver’s education accident in New York.

Officials say a tractor-trailer T-boned the driver’s ed vehicle, killing three teens as the vehicle they were in drove through a blinking red traffic light at an intersection.

“They woke up in the morning, just going out in the car with their friends and having a wonderful day,” elementary school teacher Joanne Karchawer said. “These things are so unexpected.”

Lucas O’Conner, Antonio Baglivo, and Paul VanDoran, all 16 years old, were killed in the accident.

A fourth teen, 16-year-old Claudia Krebs, was released from the hospital Wednesday.

Krebs was driving the driver’s ed car with O’Conner, Baglivo, VanDoran and an adult instructor as it approached an intersection, according to NBC New York.

Krebs stopped at the blinking red light, then drove into the intersection, authorities say.

The tractor-trailer had the right of way.

The truck driver told authorities he couldn’t stop in time and slammed the rear of the driver’s ed car.

Krebs and O’Conner were airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.  Officials say O’Conner died from his injuries at the hospital.

Baglivo and VanDoran, were both killed in the accident.

According to NBC New York, the 60-year-old driving instructor and the trucker were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities confirmed all passengers in the car were wearing seat belts.

Officials told NBC New York that the town has made multiple requests to change the light from a blinking intersection to a full functional light because it has been a “difficult intersection.”


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