Confederate monuments found vandalized in North Carolina

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police are investigating after two confederate monuments were vandalized in Charlotte.

Someone wrote ‘racist’ on the Confederate monument that’s located across the street from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department headquarters.

The monument was erected by the Confederate Memorial Association of Charlotte to honor the residents of Mecklenburg County who served in the Confederate Army.

A second Confederate memorial was found vandalized Wednesday afternoon.

The vandals used cement rather than spray paint to deface the monument that’s located between the Grady Cole Center and Memorial Stadium– on property jointly owned by the city and the county.

The inscription on the monument reads that it is in “grateful recognition” to Confederate soldiers who “preserved the Anglo-Saxon civilization of the South.”

If the monuments cannot be fixed or returned to their nearly-original state, city and county officials will have to determine who will pay to create new ones.

Police say they do not view the defacing as a hate crime. They say if any arrests are made, the suspect(s) will most likely be charged with vandalism or defacing public property.


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