“I saw a little hand just reach up,” Tulsa police officer recounts rescue of baby from burning home

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TULSA, Okla. – A Tulsa police officer was responding to another call over the weekend when he was alerted to nearby house fire.

Officer Brandon Jarrett told KJRH that a group of teenagers spotted the fire and alerted him immediately.

The teenagers flagged Officer Jarrett down while he was responding to a stabbing in the area.

“They said, ‘Hey, officer, that roof over there is on fire. I think that house is on fire.’ So without hesitation, I drove over to see,” said Jarrett.

He immediately drove over and saw smoke billowing from the home.

Then, he heard something heartbreaking.

“I started banging really hard, ‘Tulsa police, anybody inside?’ and when I started banging harder on the door, I started hearing like an infant or a small child crying and screaming inside,” he said.

The officer broke into the door and started looking for the child.

“I was telling the baby ‘I’m here, just keep crying.’ I was just trying to make noise to make her keep crying,” he said.

The heavy smoke pushed the officer to the ground.

Minutes later, he found the crying baby.

“I saw a little hand just reach up,” he said. “I was crawling towards her, she was crawling towards me. Saw her little hand, just picked her up and all I could think about was getting her some fresh air.”

Fortunately, the baby was uninjured.

However, she was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Officer Jarrett credits the teens’  for saving the child’s life.

“They weren’t on their phones, or playing some video game on their phone, they were paying attention and had the wherewithal to say, ‘Hey there’s an officer back there, let’s do something’ and I thought that was pretty special.”

According to KJRH, the fire started when the baby’s mother, Montrenique Morris, left the house while she was cooking.

She is now facing charges of child endangerment and for her role in a stabbing that Officer Jarrett was originally called to.


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