Success! Conjoined twins separated at Oklahoma hospital

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- Midwest City couple Khalie and David Perez were excited when they found out they were having twins.

Their joy turned to confusion when they found out their daughters were conjoined at the abdomen with shared organ systems.

"I kind of distanced myself. I prayed every day for them. I just couldn't understand why this was happening to us?" said mom Khalie.

Before Hartlyn and Everlee ever came into the world, a team of doctors at OU Children's Hospital began caring for Khalie to make sure once the baby girls arrived, they could be successfully separated.

The doctor's plan went into action on July 8th.

The twins underwent a separation and reconstruction surgery with a team of around twenty physicians, nurses, and staff.

After four hours, the separation was a success.

David Perez says he had confidence in the team caring for their girls, "We kept hearing better and better news and that helped."

Doctor Cameron Mantor led the surgical team that operated on Hartlyn and Everlee.

He says fifty percent of conjoined twins never make it delivery, but these baby girls have already beaten the odds.

"They started to eat a couple of days ago and I think that barring any changes, once we see some good growth and maturity, they will be ready to go home."

Once home, the babies will still face surgeries to repair the organ systems they once shared.

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