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Bride’s wallet stolen as she walked down the aisle on wedding day

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Michele Wilcox Tietz thought her wedding day was going to be one of the best days of her life.

However, she says her special day was tainted by a thief.

“Somebody, between the time I left the bridal suite and walked up the stairs to the ceremony, had not only gone into the bridal suite and stole my wallet but began charging on it,” said Tietz.

She says the alleged thief ran up $1,400 in purchases at five different stores in one hour.

 A detective gave her surveillance pictures of a woman who allegedly used her cards at a store.

“That is actually my wallet that lady has in her hand. That wallet my husband bought me for Christmas last year and it has all my information in it, including the card she’s using,” she told KGTV.

She says that while her wedding was almost perfect, the thief did test her faith in humanity.

“What type of person [lies] in wait to steal a bride’s wallet while she’s getting married? I feel disheartened and sickened,” said Tietz.

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