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Caught on camera: Brothers help injured hammerhead shark in Florida

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DESTIN, Fla. – Marcus and Logan Lakos were enjoying a day on the beach when they spotted something unexpected in the water.

Logan spotted a hammerhead shark near the shore that appeared to be injured.

“I started pulling it in and it was kind of scary, but hammerhead sharks aren’t really that dangerous to humans,” said Logan. “Knowing that, I pulled it in. Eveyone else was freaking out so it was hard to bring him in. But once people started realizing we were trying to help it, some of the other guys around were all crowding around it and trying to help it.”

Marcus immediately grabbed his camera.

“Logan, he’s the brave one. He’s swimming out, trying to help grab it, so I wanted to grab whatever I can on film since I’m the film person. I’m sitting there, and out of nowhere, he’s dragging this thing onto shore,” MarcusĀ told WJHG.

Eventually, they were able to pull two hooks and a lure from the shark’s mouth before releasing it back into the ocean.

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