Oh my! Residents, police on alert after possible sighting of lion

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Police and residents in one Milwaukee neighborhood are on high alert after video surfaced of a possible lion on the loose.

Cynthia Wilborn says she spotted a sight  in her neighbor's yard that would have been more appropriate on a safari.

"I got the call from the neighbor saying, 'Hey Kelly, don't go in your backyard. It's a big animal back there and it looks like a lion," Kelly Brooks recalled.

Brooks admits that he didn't believe the call at first, but then he spotted a strange footprint in his yard and saw the video.

"I'm like, that's a lion, lion! Not like a play lion, like a lion, lion," Brooks told WITI.

Police took that original report before a second sighting was called in the next day.

"We're treating it seriously," said Chief Ed Flynn, with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Milwaukee County Zoo officials say all of their animals are accounted for, but big cats are not that uncommon in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says there have been several mountain lions spotted in the state, and attacks are even more rare.

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