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Joe Mixon tweets: This Season Dedicated To My Haters

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Joe Mixon, Photo courtesy of Cleveland County Jail

NORMAN, Okla. — OU football player Joe Mixon is in the controversy spotlight once again. This time, for his words on social media.

The sophomore safety tweeted:

@Joe_MainMixon: I remember everything! It’s just Motivation Adding more fuel to the fire that’s all y’all doing”

Two minutes later, he tweeted:

@Joe_MainMixon: This Season Dedicated To My Haters #Boom”

The tweets were quickly deleted, but the damage had already been done.

The tweets came the same day OU head coach Bob Stoops was on ESPN being asked about Mixon and his punishment.

Stoops gave the following statement at the press conference:

“We have some strict measures moving forward and continue to meet to remain a part of the team. When we’re working with young people, 18 to 21-years-old, who make horrible mistakes, it’s also our job to continue to develop these young men to be great citizens and people that you want them to be on the streets as they leave you. And so he has a chance to redeem hisself, and moving forward, if he continues to meet the measures that are put in front of him and hopefully that will be the case.”

Mixon has been in the spotlight since last summer when he punched a woman in the face.

The incident was caught on surveillance video; the video was never released to the public.

We are currently appealing the ruling by a Cleveland County judge who made the decision that the video would not be released to the public.
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