Pentagon claims there was no ‘root cause’ for live anthrax shipments

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WASHINGTON — Shipments of live anthrax spores were inadvertently shipped to labs around the world, according to a report released Thursday.

The Pentagon concluded there was no “root cause” of the problem.

The Pentagon report says “insufficient technical information in the broader scientific community” is to blame for a lack of sound protocols for inactivating spores.

The report also says, “the key issue with [Dugway Proving Ground, the lab in question] is not that the irradiation procedures failed; it is that the viability testing did not detect live (anthrax) spores in inactivated samples containing live spores.”

It says workers in the defense lab followed their own protocols correction. The amount of radiation used, the quality of the testing, and possible contamination were cited as possible contributing factors.

The House Armed Services Committee quickly issued a statement saying it was “dissatisfied with the timeliness and the level of detail in this report,” concluding “this reads like a report that spent more time getting scrubbed in the E-Ring than investigated in the field.”


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