Police: Abandoned child case started with domestic violence at Oklahoma City home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are releasing new details on a 2-year-old boy found abandoned outside of a northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex.

The little boy was okay, but in the search for his mother, police discovered she’d been the victim of domestic abuse.

Investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened off I-44 and Drexel, where the child was abandoned.

On Wednesday, someone called police saying they saw a man drop off that little boy right along the curb and take off.

Police tell us they checked for any report of a missing child and came up with nothing.

Hours later, a woman called 911.

“A woman [was] saying she had been assaulted by her boyfriend to the point where she was actually unconscious and when she woke up, her small child was gone and also her vehicle,” Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said.

Neighbor Casey Scott has been concerned for a while about the victim’s relationship with her boyfriend.

“Multiple times, we’ve had to see the cops outside her door, and we’ve wondered what happened. I’ve seen it firsthand,” Scott said.

She was heartbroken when she learned the toddler was found nearly a mile away from home.

“I couldn’t believe it because I was just like, ‘This cannot be happening again,’” Scott said.

Scott says she’s taken care of the toddler before when he wandered to her door.

“My mom was over here visiting with me and she noticed him before I did, and I was like, 'Wait a minute. Where’s the mom? Where’s the big sister?’ They’re always outside,” Scott said.

Scott says the woman has a few children, but no one was home when we stopped by.

Police say they are familiar with the address, adding that they have responded to about a dozen 911 calls there.

Thankfully, the Good Samaritan who found the toddler called this time.

“When EMSA got there and they were checking him out, they did find there was a bruise on the boy, the 2-year-old boy, so that’s obviously something DHS will be notified of, will be investigated to see if any other type of abuse is going on in that home,” Sgt. Wardlow said.

Police are still looking for the victim’s boyfriend.

DHS told us they won’t comment on whether the toddler is still in their custody since it’s a domestic violence case.

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