Traffic stop leads police to several stolen vehicles

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PURCELL, Okla. -- An 18-foot Pegasus travel trailer, a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible, and a Chevy Tahoe. Authorities say each of the vehicles were purchased with a stolen check book.

According to Purcell Police Spokesman Scott Stephens, "They could have purchased anything anywhere."

Police arrested Brandi Taylor and her fiance', Levi Locke, after a traffic stop at a Purcell convenience store.

The patrolman was cruising down Green Avenue, when he noticed what looked like an expired out-of-state tag. That's when he pulled the car over.

The officer ran the plate and found the sports car had been reported stolen from a Colorado Springs dealership.

A relative of Locke's told police that they'd likely find more stolen property at his house.

Sure enough, Purcell police found roughly $25,000 in used vehicles, as well as an important piece of evidence.

"Inside the travel trailer was the check book and they were duplicate type checks," Stephens told us.

That's right. Police found copies of every single bogus check Brandi Taylor had allegedly written.

Investigators say this is an important lesson for us all to check your bank accounts daily for any fraudulent activity.

"If you have a checkbook or checks missing you need to contact your bank right away. You've got to order new checks and all of that, but it's a whole lot better than being responsible for checks someone has written on your account," Stephens said.


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