Confession leads to arrest of a pastor accused of sex crimes against children

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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY,Okla. -- A shocking confession led to the arrest of a Quail Springs Baptist Church pastor accused of sex crimes against children at his former church.

Brian Burchfield was arraigned in Pottawatomie county Thursday morning, accused of sending inappropriate text messages to teenage boys.

We tried to get answers from Burchfield himself. He was not at his Edmond home, but neighbors we talked to say they were surprised by his confession.

It was hard for neighbors to believe the man who confessed to sending explicit texts to teenagers, lives at near them. They say he's the same man who says "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

"What?? He's accused of sex crimes. No," one neighbor said.

"I just found out about it today," another said.

The neighbors would not go on camera, but were visibly concerned.

"I'm glad you came by," another neighbor told us, glad to know about the arrest and the person who lives so close to their children.

According to police, Burchfield was sending texts to teen boys who go to his former church, Immanuel Baptist. Burchfield worked at the church in Shawnee for more than five years.

"It wasn't until he left approximately a year ago, to take the job at Quail Springs Baptist church, that he kept in contact with these select individuals here at Immanuel," detective Ethan Rieves with Shawnee Police said.

Police say the text messages gradually became inappropriate.

"There were many, many texts that were over the line, in the gray area, there was many that were in reference to sexual activity, sexual material," Rieves says. "They looked at him almost like a second father figure, they trusted him completely."

But the boys' parents became suspicious.

"The parents did everything right, the parents set up their devices to where when their child was receiving text messages or instant messages through their device, it would automatically go to the parents' device as well," Rieves says.

Jail officials told us Burchfield is free on a $50,000 bond.

His next court date is in two weeks.


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