Hospital infection rates rankings from Consumer Reports

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Sometimes going to the hospital can end up making you *sicker* just because you were admitted.

Every year almost 650,000 hospital patients develop infections during their stay and about 75,000 die.

Some of the most threatening infections are the cause and those include C. Diff and MRSA bacteria that can live on surfaces for days and pass from hand to hand. MRSA is even resistant to some antibiotics.

To prevent these infections, hospitals and staff must pay close attention to cleanliness. Also essential to this process is to avoid the overuse and misuse of antibiotics which can wipe out patients good bacteria and let bad bacteria like C. Diff run wild.

Consumer Reports Rankings: 

Oklahoma City Metro


Highest Rated (with a safety score rated)

  1. Oklahoma Heart Hospital
  2. Deaconess Hospital
  3. Integris Baptist Medical Center

Lowest Rates (with a safety score rated)

  • St. Anthony Hospital
  • Integris Southwest Medical Center
  • OU Medical Center

All Oklahoma

Highest scores (with a safety score rated)

  1.  Memorial Hospital – Stillwell
  2.  Bailey Medical Center- Owasso
  3.  Great Plains Regional Medical Center- Elk City

Lowest scores (with a safety score rated)

  • Midwest Regional Medical Center- Midwest City
  • Hillcrest Medical Center-Tulsa
  • McCurtain Memorial Hospital- Idabel

Oklahoma Hospital Rankings complete list 2015

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