“I’m about to make you famous,” Deputy’s tough talk for alleged thief goes viral

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ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. – A tough-talking officer has a few unsettling words for an alleged crook who broke into a popular Louisiana restaurant.

On July 8, an alleged thief broke into Stelly’s restaurant by smashing though the glass and kicked in the office door.

The alleged crook got away with hundreds of dollars in cash.

Authorities created a video, showcasing the crime and the alleged perpetrator.

While talking about the business, it is obvious how much the sheriff’s deputy really enjoys the restaurant.

“The family works hard and is known to be generous, always with a kind word for a friend or stranger. The Stelly family represents southern hospitality at its best. If you’re the man who committed this felony, look me son, I’m talking to you. The sheriff likes Stelly’s restaurant, and so do I. The food here is good and the folks are friendly,” the officer said.

He also has a stern message for the thief responsible for the crime.

“We’re going to identify you, arrest you and put you in a small cell. After that, I’m gonna have a cheeseburger here, with fries and a Coke and leave a nice tip for the waitress. Meanwhile, your next meal will be served through a small hole in a cell door,” he said.

He says detectives were able to grab DNA from the rock that was thrown through the glass and a boot print on the office door.

“I’m about to make you famous. By tomorrow, 100,000 people will have watched you commit a felony. You will be recognized, and the people that know you don’t really like you anyway, so when it comes down to a choice between you and $1,000, they’ll take the cash,” he said.

The video has over 1 million views on YouTube.

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