Missouri man kills a nearly 15-foot python in yard

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WARREN COUNTY, Mo. — A massive snake on the loose in a Missouri neighborhood was finally caught.

Snakes are common in the area, but not a 14-foot, 7-inch, 160-pound Burmese python, KTVI reported.

The snake was first seen over the weekend after it went after a man’s poodle.

One neighbor had two dogs disappear, but doubted the snake ate them.

Another neighbor had three chickens vanish without a trace in recent days.

Early Tuesday morning, a woman woke up to her St. Bernard-Labrador mix barking in the yard.

“I was terrified,” after seeing the snake, Pauline Horstdaniel told KTVI.  “I got my husband out of bed.  He’s out there in his underwear with his gun.”

However, the couple feared the man's handgun wouldn't be big enough to stop the snake.

So they called a neighbor who killed the snake with two blasts of a shotgun.

Residents say they didn't want to kill the snake, but felt they had no choice.

“It’s a shame that animals have to be killed because somebody just didn’t care about it,” Larry Fahrig said.

Burmese pythons do not live in the wild of Missouri.

This particular snake is a somewhat common exotic pet.

A Department of Conservation spokesman told KTVI pet Burmese pythons often get too big for their owners to handle, so the owners will dump them in the wild.

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