Retired OKC firefighter robbed while walking his dogs, police looking for suspects

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A retired Oklahoma City firefighter and Army veteran was allegedly robbed and dragged down a road in his neighborhood Sunday evening.

Police say the crime happened in the 1100 block of S.W. 48th St.

Investigators have now released surveillance video of the alleged suspects that are still on the streets.

Philo Gravitt says he was walking his dogs, like he does everyday, when the unexpected happened.

"I got robbed, ran over and left for dead," Gravitt said.

In the video, you can see a truck pull up to him in broad daylight.

"They asked for directions on how to get to 44th and south Santa Fe," Gravitt said. "Said 'can you give us some gas money.' I said, 'how much do you need'? And he said 'oh a couple dollars'.' I said 'okay.'"

Gravitt pulled out his wallet and handed over a couple of bucks.  That's when he said the passenger grabbed the billfold.

Gravitt, in his 70's, did not let go without a fight.

"The driver stepped on the gas pedal and took off and drug me a little ways 'til I let go," Gravitt said.

Gravitt then fell to the ground, and the truck ran over his leg before it sped off.

Fortunately, Gravitt got away with only bruises and scratches.

Oscar Zarate is the victim's neighbor. He was not there when the crime happened, but says he saw it all play out on his surveillance video.

"It's messed up. It's just really messed up," Zarate said.

To his surprise, he found out his family was victimized too.

Just minutes before his neighbor was robbed, the video shows the thieves trying to snatch a compressor out of the bed of his truck.

"But they couldn't do it because it was chained down," Zarate said.

However, Zarate said they did get away with his dad’s wallet.

"You know, you work so hard for what you have and they just want to come and take it, just like that," Zarate said.

Now, he is glad they bought a security system.

"It makes me feel a little better because, you know, they're going to get some of these people out of the streets," Zarate said.

Police say the alleged suspects got away with about $700 and some credit cards.

If you recognize the truck or the alleged suspects, call Crime Stoppers.

We tried reaching out to the man who was robbed, but he was not at home.

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