Woman accused of illegally euthanizing neighbor’s dog

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ADA, Okla. -- A former animal welfare employee is accused of animal cruelty, after allegedly euthanizing her neighbor's dog without their knowledge.

Marteen Silas, of Ada, became a Certified Animal Euthanasia Technician last August. She was an employee at the Pontotoc Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) when she allegedly killed the animal.

According to court records, Silas took her neighbor's dog because it was chasing her livestock.

She then allegedly drove the dog to PAWS and "immediately euthanized it with a schedule II controlled dangerous substance," according to reports.

Former PAWS employee, Jim Nowlin, claims to have recorded a conversation with Silas, where she describes why she killed the dog. The recording was given to NewsChannel 4.



A voice he claims to be Silas' is heard explaining the dog was 'chasing our cows, and chasing our horses," describing the animal as a 'punk'.

Later in the recording, she allegedly denies knowing who owned the dog.

Two employees told investigators Silas not only knew the dog was her neighbor's, but that she told employees to keep the procedure a secret.

PAWS officials told NewsChannel 4 Silas is no longer employed at the shelter, but were unable to comment any further.

The animal that was killed was reportedly a pure white Siberian Husky, named Zeus.

A Facebook page has since been set up, demanding justice for Zeus.

Silas has been charged with animal cruelty, and larceny of a dog valued at more than $500. Her next court date is in August.

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