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Cyclist hospitalized with broken vertabrae, cracked ribs after hit-and-run

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ADA, Okla. - Kelly Bacon went from sand and surf one week to wearing a neck brace and suffering from road rash the next.

Bacon had just returned from a family vacation and was anxious to get back on his bike.

Authorities say he was in the middle of a 30-mile journey from Ada to Stonewall, when he pulled off Highway 3W to take a drink of water.

Several minutes later, he woke up, covered in blood.

"I looked left and right and saw my stuff spread out on the highway. I thought to myself,'Did I wreck? Did I have a wreck that I knocked myself out," he said.

Instead, he realized he had been struck from behind by a car in the middle of nowhere. The driver never even slowed down.

Bacon was in a ditch, and out of view of oncoming traffic. Somehow, he mustered up enough strength to sit up and wave his arms.

Luckily, a passing driver spotted him.

Bacon would spend several days in the hospital, recovering from broken vertabrae, cracked ribs, a shattered face and road rash over most of his body.

An 85-year-old man finally came forward after hearing about the accident.

"When he heard the news, he said, 'You know, I might have hit something. I thought I'd hit a deer," Bacon said.

With more bicyclists on the road in the summer, advocates encourage motorists to be extra observant.

"Pay attention and be aware. Kinda like motorcycles, only much smaller, even more vulnerable than motorcycles are," Craig Cossey, from Al's Bicycles, told us.

Experts say cyclists need to make themselves more visible with lights, reflectors and colorful clothing.

And always wear a helmet. It's the one thing that saved Kelly Bacon's life.

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