In Your Corner: Job seeker hit with hard sales pitch

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OKLA. CITY - Gregg Nickens is desperate for a pay check.

He’s been unemployed for close to two years now.  

“I have a special needs son and he's my whole world,” he said.

Gregg’s on the hunt for something full time.

He said, “[I] heard from a friend UPS was hiring.”

He did a quick search online and pulled up a story we aired late last year about UPS looking to hire hundreds of people in the Oklahoma city area.

Instead of clicking on the safe and secure links posted on, Gregg did his own search using the words UPS Jobs and Oklahoma City.

That was a bad idea.

He clicked a bunch of unfamiliar links and dialed up the phone number listed on the site.

It connected him to someone claiming to be a career adviser and with an in at UPS.

Gregg says instead of trying to match him up with work, the lady tried to sell him some sort of certification.

James McVay is the program manager for the Goodwill's Job Connection Centers and helps people find work.

He says his organization will help you find a job for free.  

“We help them build resumes,” he said. “They can come here and do job searches as well.”

McVay recommends sites that are safe and secure and advises job seekers to think twice before responding to a job posting or email that promises easy money or tries to sell you something.

Gregg's confident he's close to landing something permanent.

The In Your Corner bottom line:

Signing up with a job placement agency or adviser could cost you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars and even then you're still not guaranteed work.

Job Hunting sites:

USA Jobs

OK Job Match


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