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Norman man takes matters into his own hands after credit card theft

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NORMAN, Okla. – A man whose credit card was stolen is taking matters into his own hands.

The victim has collected evidence of the theft by going from store to store where the alleged thief used his stolen credit card.

Loren Coburn isn’t a police officer, but he is a bit of an investigator.

He’s collected surveillance footage from Norman stores where someone allegedly used his credit card.

The thief allegedly used it all over Norman in a period of two to three days, from small charges at McDonald’s to bigger ones like at the Mont, racking up over 60 bucks.

The private investigation started last week with a call from Coburn's bank.

“What called our attention is these are places we don’t normally go to, especially with this card, we would’ve never used that,” Coburn said.

Coburn says it's a company card, so making charges for cigarettes and liquor would be unusual.

But instead of cutting off the card,  Coburn let the thief make a few more charges so he could track him down.

“If you’re gonna do something bad, I’m going to play the smarter guy and hopefully we can figure out who it is,” Coburn said.

Account records show charges at restaurants and stores mostly in east Norman, even Campus Corner, where a receipt shows some OU clothing was purchased.

Coburn did eventually cut the card off when the person charged about $500, and then he filed a police report.

“When it’s this close to home, you would hope you could find the person that’s doing it,” Coburn said.

Coburn says getting surveillance video himself has been easier than he thought.

“I basically walk in, say this is my name, obviously someone charged my card and I wasn’t here, I didn’t authorize it, and the merchants have been pretty easy to work with,” Coburn said.

Now he’ll hand over his collection of evidence to Norman police to take it from here.

“They do have bigger things to do, they have more important stuff to work on, I understand that, and if I can do something and give them something that makes it easy to make an arrest and get a conviction then I’d rather spend a little time to do it,” Coburn said.

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