Two arrested after domestic shooting in NW Oklahoma City

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Lasandra Gilbert and Jimenez Howell

OKLAHOMA CITY – Two people are in jail after a domestic shooting in northwest Oklahoma City.

Around 9:12 p.m. Monday, police were called to the 500 block of NW 114th in reference to a shooting.

About an hour after police arrived to the home, two women walked out with their hands up.

One of the women was identified as the alleged shooter, Lasandra Gilbert.

Police say the shooting occurred after Gilbert and Jimenez Howell got into an argument.

Gilbert allegedly pointed a gun at Howell, then lowered it to the ground and fired.

Howell was found standing by a car nearby.

He reportedly told officers he saw the incident take place, but claimed he wasn’t involved.

He actually told police that he saw the man who was shot drive away, according to a police report.

However, a police officer realized Howell was not telling the truth when Howell gave the officer a fake name.

Howell later told police that he was involved in the altercation with Gilbert.

The officer then  placed Howell in the back of his patrol car with the rear window rolled down, according to the police report.

While the officer was talking with another officer, he says he saw Howell stick his hand out of the patrol car window, open the door, and run away.

The officer chased Howell and deployed his Taser toward Howell’s back.

Howell briefly fell to the ground, but quickly got up and started running again.

At one point during the pursuit, the officer noted that he attempted to take Howell to the ground, but Howell ended up on top of him.

According to the police report, Howell’s hand came toward the officer’s gun holster, but Howell eventually got up and started running again.

It was then that another officer came to the scene used his Taser on Howell, causing him to fall to the ground.

He was arrested and taken to the hospital to be checked out.

After he was cleared, Howell was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for false personation and escaping arrest.

Gilbert was also booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.  She is facing a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.


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