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Animal rescue group enlists the help of a ‘therapy cow’

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Help is on the way for Oklahoma kiddos in need, by way of a new therapy animal named "Cowdog".

She's a little more on the cow side though, not so much 'dog'...and her journey back from neglect is truly what sets her apart.

Weighing in a little under a ton, she might the largest 'cowdog' you'll ever find.

"It kind of headbutted you a bunch like a dog, it also licked you like a dog," said Julie Bank, with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. "So we started calling her Cowdog."

Cowdog is a cow, with a heart the size of her stomach, and she's come a long way in just a month.

"She was definitely thin, she's still a little thin," explained Bank. "But she's better than where she was."

Not long ago, Cowdog was in Southwest Oklahoma City...thin, frail, and far from water or shelter.

She, along with 40 plus cattle, were taken away by city officials, after an apparent case of animal cruelty.

"They were in an area where there was no food, or access to water or shade," said Bank.

Her owner, Richard Butler, ultimately received 46 citations, paying nearly $1,500 in fines.

Most of the cattle have since been moved out west, but Cowdog remains. Her mission is just beginning.

"Coming from a bad place, she's gonna ultimately go to a great place, so it'll be awesome," said Bank.

On Sunday, the cow will be moved to 1 Day Ranch in Bethel Acres. The Ranch is best known for horse rescues, and Cowdog will be their first every 'therapy cow'.

"She's going to be able to make children smile, and she's gonna have a long life," said Bank.

The animal is sloppy, hungry, seemingly a friend to all, and could now mean the world to a child, needing a 'cow-dog'.

"Yeah we'll miss her, but we'll know that she's in a good place, doing good stuff," said Bank. "That's really what it's all about."

Cowdog is not quite 'cow therapist' yet. Officials at 1 Day Ranch say she'll need some training.

In addition to their soon to be cow, the ranch offers several therapy horses, a couple goats, and one therapy llama.


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