Guthrie residents fed up with burned home

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - A burned out home is causing concern in an Oklahoma community.

Neighbors say the property is attracting wild animals and they fear it could also attract crime.

However, the city says there's not much they've been able to do.

Guthrie residents say the home on the west side of town has caught fire twice in the last year. It's enough that they are now concerned and wanting to see something done soon.

“It's ugly. It brings it down. It's already bad enough over here and that just adds fuel to the fire,” said one neighbor.

The home first burned months ago, killing the property's owner. Then there was another fire at the home last week.

“They said it looked like somebody started a fire over there,” the neighbor said.

None of the neighbors wanted to go on camera, but they all say they are sick of looking at the overgrown grass and crumbling walls.

One woman tells us the owner's family would like to sell the property but there's a battle over who is really in control. That battle will have to be worked out in court.

City officials say they too would like to see it cleaned up but they say it's complicated since the owner died.

The city is now looking to see what else can be done to make the process move a little faster.

Residents say they're trying to be patient but it's hard when they have to drive by the mess day after day.

“We just want somebody to clean it up. That's all.”

A NewsChannel 4 crew did speak with one neighbor who said she is interested in buying the property.

However, she says due to the current ownership question, she has not been able to purchase the property. She hopes the man's family will be able to get any issues resolved quickly.

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