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Man holds home invasion suspect at gunpoint for police

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NORMAN, Okla. - Kenny Childers and his wife had just spent all Saturday night at Riverwind Casino.

And they were on a roll, winning money.

Childers says their celebrating apparently didn’t go unnoticed, though.

He says two suspects followed them home from the casino and tried to rob them of their winnings.

“That’s exactly what he said, I seen you win that money.  There’s more money, where’s it at?” said Childers.

He and his wife had just gone to bed early Sunday morning when one of the men busted into their bedroom.

“Wielding a knife, screaming he was going to kill us if we don’t give him the money,” said Childers.

Childers handed over the money and then says the suspect demanded the keys to his wife’s pickup.

He instructed Childers to throw them out the doorway.

Childers did just that and as soon as the man left his house, Childers ran for his rifle and caught up with him.

“I told him to get on the ground or I was going to shoot him.  And I would have.”

Only problem, Kenny’s rifle wasn’t loaded.

So he played a little game with the criminal.

“I told him I got a long driveway and I told him if he could get to the end of the driveway before the cops got here, he was a free man,” Childers said.

That gave Childers time to run back inside and load his rifle.

He jumped on his four wheeler and chased the man again, catching up to him before he reached the end of the long drive.

“And then I held him there till the cops came,” said Childers.

Childers says from now on, his guns will stay loaded.

“I got all five of them loaded right now.”

He has a message for anyone else who might try to victimize him and his family in his own home.

“I’m retired.  I’m home all the time.  And I will shoot somebody.”

There was a second suspect driving the getaway car along SE 149th by Childers’ home.

Childers fired two shots at that vehicle, hitting it twice; but that person got away.

Police are still searching for him.


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