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Norman man charged with first-degree murder in stepdaughter’s death

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NORMAN, Okla. -- Charges were filed Monday against the man accused of killing his 2-year-old stepdaughter.

District Attorney Greg Mashburn filed a first degree murder charge against 24-year-old Tyler Young.

The affidavit shows Young kept changing his story when he was talking with police.

Two-year-old Elizabeth Wess died at the hospital last week.

Court documents show her “abdomen was covered in small bruises from the chest to the hip.”

At first, Young told investigators Wess passed out, and he tried to give her CPR.

“[He said] basically that she had asthma so he didn't press on her chest. He chose to press on her stomach. The medical testimony we've gathered so far indicates that no one could do these internal injuries to a child simply by pressing on her stomach,” District Attorney Greg Mashburn said.

The Medical Examiner said Wess died from severe injuries to her internal organs.

Investigators say the toddler was alone with Young after he dropped her mother off at work.

Now investigators are trying to piece together what happened next.

“He actually went to Walmart after he dropped mom off, we have video of that, child's fine, 30 minutes later he's calling 9-1-1,” Mashburn said.

Young has been in trouble with the law before.

He was sentenced to 7 years in prison for larceny, burglary, and concealing stolen property. He was released in January after just 11 months behind bars.

“Just because they go to prison on non-violent offenses does not mean they are not a threat to our society. It frustrates me as a prosecutor because I hope people understand they went to prison for a reason,” Mashburn said.

Young’s family is defending him.

His mother, Tammy Young, told NewsChannel 4:

"They are only allegations and we continue to request that Tyler by judged by facts and not allegations. Some of the allegations contained in the affidavit conflict with statements made by medical personnel in my presence. These conflicts between the allegations and my own personal observations from being physically present in the ER illustrate why we continue to ask the media and the public to allow the legal process to conclude and not judge Tyler based upon allegations. Tyler, along with the rest of us continue to grieve over the loss of this precious child."

Young is being held without bond in the Cleveland County jail.

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