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Caught on Camera: Ponytailed bandit steals disabled man’s motorcycle

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -- Midwest City police are looking for a brazen thief who stole a motorcycle from right in front of a convenience store.

 David Williams said his bright green neon bike broke down at the Circle K at I-40 and Sooner last Friday.

 He got permission from the store to park the motorcycle in front of the store for a couple days while he found a truck to haul it away.

But when he went back to get it on Sunday, it was gone.

 “I thought they towed it.  I went in there and they said, 'No we didn’t tow it. Your wife came and got it.'  I’m like, 'My wife?  I don’t have a wife!'” said Williams.

Surveillance video shows a ponytailed woman in camo pants walk into the Circle K while talking on her cell phone.

 When she walks out, she circles the bike, then gets on it and slowly backs it away.

 “It just blew my mind to do that right in front of the store,” said Williams.  “I’m mad.  You know what I mean?  That didn’t belong to you.  If you had known what I’ve been through, sorry, I’m upset about this.”

 Williams is disabled and lives on a fixed income.

 He has a metal plate in his head and is partially blind in one eye... lingering injuries from being hit by a drunk driver 25 years ago.

 Worse still, he used that motorcycle, his only transportation, to see his girlfriend in Guthrie.

 She has cancer.

 “Right now it’s tough.  We can’t see each other.  She can’t drive because she has seizures and stuff,” said Williams.

 Williams can’t afford to buy a new vehicle.

 He’s hoping someone recognizes the woman in the video.

 “People like that, they don’t have a respect for anybody else.  It’s a easy money opportunity,” he said.

 If you have any information, call Midwest City police.

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