Great State: Unique Used Car Lot in Wilson Sells Muscle Car Dreams

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WILSON, OKLAHOMA -- Visitors to Fred Murfin's unique used car lot want to hear the story of the 1956 Thunderbird convertible parked inside.

Others are dying to hear about how he came by the 1967 Camaro that sits a few feet away.

"This car here came from Borger, Texas," he says pointing to the Camaro. "I spent a real nice day with the family."

Fred can tell them all.

He was one of the first guys to start buying up the surviving muscle cars of the late 60's and early 70's.

Murfin opened Red Line Muscle Cars in 1990 and he's still at it.

His house and big garage is a used car lot by definition, but Fred deals in the kind of used cars everyone wants.

"It's definitely a passion," he says, "And I get the privilege of putting the right person in the right car."

His first car as a young driver was a Camaro.

The spark plug of love ignited when he saw his wife Kim pass him in another Camaro.

He understands the draw that some people feel when they come in just to look and wish.

Someday, they might just come back.

In his best car salesman pitch, Fred says, "We want you to feel right at home and part of the family the moment you drive through the gate."

Murfin spends half his time searching.

He knows at first glance if a car has been well cared for.

An original windshield is often his first clue.

A good set of tires is another.

Murfin says, "I don't buy what I call 'painted pigs'."

He can fix them up if he has to.

Fred has built cars from the frame up.

But the story has to ring true.

If they've lasted this long, someone must have loved them.

Any used car salesman knows the 'close' of the deal happens when the customer gets in and takes a ride.

On this afternoon, Kim lets us take her rebuilt 1967 Corvette Stingray for a spin.

Fred put a brand new engine in it.

The car is for sale, of course, if you've got at least $90,000 to spend.

Fred knows buying the dream and the story means driving a 'red line' straight to your heart.

For a better look at the Red Line inventory got to or‎

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