Oklahoma City man accused of kidnapping, assault

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Jacob Rodriguez

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man is in jail after allegedly kidnapping another man.

An alleged victim told police that he and Jacob Rodriguez, 34, lived together in a “sober house.”

On August 10, Rodriguez had asked the man for a ride to a local casino.

But, on the way there, Rodriguez pulled out a knife, held it to the man’s neck, and said, “you’re going to go where the f*** I tell you to,” according to a police report.

The man told police he was able to calm Rodriguez down and convince him to put the knife down.

Rodriguez put the knife down, but then started screaming “nonsense” to himself.

He allegedly told the man that if he stopped the car, he would kill him.

When the man slowed down for a stop sign, he says Rodriguez became angry and punched him in the nose.

“I didn’t f****** tell you to slow down,” Rodriguez said, according to the police report.

During the drive, Rodriguez also allegedly told the man he was going to kill him.

Because his nose was bleeding, the alleged victim was able to convince Rodriguez that he needed to pull over at a convenience store to make his nose stop bleeding.

The man got out of the car and asked someone to call the police.

When officers arrived, they say the victim’s nose was dripping blood.

Rodriguez was arrested for kidnapping and assault and battery.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.


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