Oklahoma group protesting Gov. Fallin’s response to earthquakes, other issues

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A group of citizens is demanding answers from Gov. Mary Fallin about several issues that are affecting Oklahomans.

The group  is organizing a rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol this weekend in hopes of getting a response from the governor.

Organizers cited several issues that need a response, including the state's earthquake activity.

"Telling us to run out and spend our own money and to put a band aid on the problem in the meanwhile is not what the people deserve," a post on the group's Facebook page read.

“There's just no resolution. No help,” said Jeff Williams, referring to the growing concern about earthquakes in Oklahoma.

The governor recently acknowledged the correlation between disposal wells and increased seismic activity.

Her advice for homeowners was to get earthquake insurance, but Williams say that is not good enough.

“Give us answers and when we ask for answers,  we just get, 'At this time, we are not giving more comments other than rush out and buy insurance,” he said.

Williams says that's not an option for everyone.

“I, myself, have tried to get insurance and was declined. Man-made, won't cover it and you already have preexisting cracks caused by the earthquake,” he said.

He's hoping an upcoming rally will compel the governor to put solutions in place and propose policies that tackle other tough issues in the state.

“A lot of people just want answers. They want to know from an educational standpoint why we are at 49th. Why we are not paying our teachers, giving them raises,” he said.

On Monday, Gov. Fallin's office sent NewsChannel 4 the following statement.

"Gov. Fallin has said the state is experiencing an unprecedented amount of earthquakes and that the increase is heavily linked to wastewater disposal wells operating in the Arbuckle formation. The Corporation Commission, which regulates the oil and gas industry, has been actively taking steps to reduce both the volume and depth of hundreds of disposal wells in Oklahoma. Additionally, the governor has formed the Coordinating Council on Seismic Activity to ensure that government agencies, the energy industry, environmentalists, and academics are sharing data and developing solutions together," Alex Weintz, communications director for Gov. Fallin's office, said in a statement.

The state is taking active steps to address Oklahoma's earthquake problem, but we are not going to see improvements overnight. Scientists have been clear that successful policies will need to be in effect anywhere from six months to two years before we know they are working."

The group expects more than 500 people to attend this weekend's rally, which is set for Saturday.

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