Stolen motorcycle recovery leads to mobile chop shop

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. — David Williams' day started before sun up Tuesday with an encouraging call from police.

His neon green motorcycle had been found.

“Officer had called me, said 'Hey man, we got your bike.' And I said 'All right,' and I was kind of half awake, didn’t expect a call like that,” said Williams.

But the news came with a down side.

“He said, 'Well the bad news is, you know, it might be a little damaged,'” said Williams.

Williams motorcycle had broken down last Friday at a Circle K in Midwest City.

He had gotten permission from the store to park it there for a couple days until he could find a truck to come back and pick it up.

But a woman who posed as his wife stole it from the store on Sunday. She could be seen in surveillance video backing the bike away from the store.

Williams put out a plea for the return of the bike.

He’s disabled and lives on a fixed income and was using the bike to see his girlfriend in Guthrie, who has cancer.

Just after midnight Tuesday morning, a Midwest City police officer noticed a U-Haul in the parking lot of the Super 8 Motel on Tinker Diagonal, just down the street from the Circle K where the motorcycle was stolen.

The back door of the U-Haul was slightly open, and the officer heard a lot of loud banging.

“He was in the process of dismantling them, trying to tear them down, take them apart and possibly rebuild them with different parts, change their appearance,” said Midwest City Assistant Police Chief, Sid Porter.

Williams’ bike and another stolen motorcycle were in the back of the U-Haul

Police say it was a mobile chop shop.

“You hear about these chop shops, you know, that are actually stationary... but to actually have one that’s on wheels, you know, how many other bikes did these people get before mine?” said Williams.

Williams’ next problem was how he could come up with the money to get his bike out of impound.

McConnell’s Wrecker Service solved that for him. Not only did they not charge him, they towed the bike to him in Norman.

“I was really stressing abut that because I don’t have any money.  I’m broke, you know,” said Williams.

“This guy’s doing all the right things and he’s had some troubles in his life.  So let’s help him, let’s help him get to the next step,” said Richard McConnell.

Police arrested Steve Williams Jones III for operating a mobile chop shop.

They’re still looking for the woman in the surveillance video who actually took David’s bike from Circle K.

“Even though they caught the guy in the midst of doing it, but she’s the one that walked off with it, and I really want to catch her,” said Williams.

Williams told us when he got his bike back, it was pretty torn up and would require a lot of work to fix.

Some of his friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help him out.

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