Man suing ex-girlfriend for conceiving his child without his permission

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HOUSTON – A man is suing his ex-girlfriend for allegedly stealing his sperm and having a baby with it.

In 2002, Layne Hardin and Katherine LeBlanc were a couple who already had one child together when Hardin decided to have a vasectomy.

Since the couple decided they might want to have more kids later, Hardin decided to freeze his sperm before having the vasectomy.

The couple went to a fertility center and froze several vials of sperm.

The couple wrote up a contract saying that if Hardin died or if they broke up, LeBlanc could do what she wanted with the sperm, a lawsuit states.

LeBlanc and Hardin eventually did split.

Hardin then started dating another woman, Tobie Devall.

KTRK reports the new couple went to the fertility clinic at least once together.

Then, one day she went back to the clinic, picked up two vials of Hardin’s sperm, and used it to get pregnant through artificial insemination.

Devall gave birth to a baby boy in 2010.

According to KTRK, Devall says she had Hardin’s permission to use the sperm, but Hardin says she didn’t.

Now Hardin and LeBlanc are suing Devall and the fertility clinic.

The trial is expected to last two weeks.


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