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Specially made bracelet for deceased infant daughter stolen from metro home

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A single mother's home was burglarized, but in the end, the thief got away with the one item that meant the most.

She's now considering moving, and is on a mission to get her daughter's bracelet back. Though several replicas were made in her honor, only one has the memories, only one truly matters.

It's a feeling every homeowner dreads.

"I'm freaking out, 'cause I see this person in my house," said homeowner, Tiffany Charles.

As her home was being burglarized, Tiffany was far away on vacation. She watched the break-in unfold on her phone, via an app hooked up to her home security system.

"I could see this guy," said Charles. "It was just, that was a nightmare."

She later returned to a smashed door and a trail of papers leading to her bedroom.

For the most part, everything was left behind, except for a jewelry box on her dresser.



Inside that box, lay a little bracelet that meant the world to Tiffany. The piece of jewelry was no bigger than your thumb, specially made for her premature daughter, who was born at 25 weeks.

She died 21 days later.

"Her name was Xaylieiylana," said Charles. "I wanted a little girl so bad, and then she was just taken...there's so much hurt when it comes to thinking about her and her little life."

Today, Tiffany's life is filled with taking care of six nieces and nephews, and her young son, Xylyn, who's ready to fight should the crook come back.

"I would just set traps, they get stuck, and I'd call police," explained the young crime fighter.

But with her daughter's bracelet gone, all Tiffany's left with are surveillance photos of the burglar, and hope.

"They could have taken everything but that," said Charles. "It's gone....a replacement, there's no such thing."

In addition to the bracelet, the jewelry box also held cash for a family trip to SeaWorld.

Anyone with information should contact police.


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