Metro man accused of recruiting inmate in murder for hire plot

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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. -- A man is behind bars in Cleveland County is accused of a murder for hire plot.

Investigators say the man had an elaborate plan.

He allegedly tried to recruit an inmate at the Cleveland County jail to kidnap and kill a woman. The plan was foiled when that inmate went to authorities.

Investigators tell us Takwon Deshazer tried to get an inmate to kill his Jamaican business partner, a woman who lives in Moore.

Court papers show the inmate told detention officers Deshazer would bond him out of jail to kidnap and kill the woman.

Deshazer allegedly gave the inmate directions to the woman’s house near 27th and Janeway in Moore.

Larry Wootten lives next door to Deshazer and says he never had a good feeling about him.

“You could tell something was going on because there was always traffic for a while, until we installed cameras and it kind of put a stop to that,” Wootten said.

Investigators say the inmate was asked to kill the woman and “take her body to 300 acres he owns in Tatums, Oklahoma.”

Deshazer allegedly said, “a hole would already be dug near an oil well… Deshazer’s brother would have a rental car waiting with an additional $5,000.”

We’re told the woman was a witness against Deshazer in a pending burglary case.

Investigators say Deshazer did not want the woman to make it to his next court appearance.

Court papers show investigators checked into that property in Tatums and found a woman with the last name Deshazer owns a little more than 300 acres there.

According to the inmate, “Deshazer also said the female was not from the U.S. and had no family here, so no one would miss her.”

Deshazer is in the Cleveland County jail on a $500,000 bond.

He has previous convictions for identity theft.

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