Chain Reaction Ministries: Man hopes repaired bicycles will change lives

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- For those without transportation to get to work, the grocery store, or even to a doctor's appointment, life can be tough. A local church is addressing that need.

James Russell says the bikes he repairs have changed his life.

"Helped keep me away from drugs," he said.

And he hopes his bikes will change the lives of others, as well.

"We break them down and rebuild them, and when they go out, they are mechanically sound," Russell said.

James is a senior mechanic for a ministry at First Christian church called 'Chain Reaction Ministry.'

The program, started by Pastor John Malget, gives bikes to those in need.

"I was looking for a way for the church to do more outreach and try to see what was needed in Oklahoma City. And let's face it, public transportation in Oklahoma City is not very good," Malget said.

Every bicycle that's been repaired by Chain Reaction Ministry has been donated. Virtually all the adult bikes go to homeless men and women, many of whom are veterans.

The program started in 2013. Since then, the group has given out more than 1,200 bikes.

"For people of lower income or homeless, in order for them to get to a job or to keep a job, they have to be able to go. So a bike provides them transportation so they can get that job and keep that job," said Malget.

Click here to donate a bicycle to Chain Reaction Ministries.

Click here for more information on Chain Reaction Bike Ministries.


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