“You can have your stuff back,” Homeowners catch car burglar in the act

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Neighbors in an Oklahoma City neighborhood took a stand against a car burglar.

Police say DeMarcus Puckett had already been inside several vehicles when a homeowner stepped in to catch him.

Police say Puckett was looking for easy money on S.W. 64th St.

“Several people saw him rummaging through several vehicles. He was committing an auto burglary,” said Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

He almost got away with it.

“He had some change and jewelry in his pocket, and some drugs,” said Knight.

The homeowner’s daughter saw what he was doing and called her dad. That’s when Puckett took off running, but he didn’t get far.

“Apparently he had taken off running. When the homeowner saw what he was doing, he ran into a tree limb that was hanging down and knocked himself unconscious,” said Knight.

“When the guy hit the tree it had to be ugly. My neighbor said it took his feet completely from up under him,” said neighbor Marvin Honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle lives next door to where it happened.

“My neighbor fell on top of him and they tussled a little, and his daughter called my son and he came over and held him down until the police got here,” he said.

That’s when he says Puckett tried to escape the situation, saying, "You can have your stuff back. Just let me show you my ID. I’m just doing this because they made me."

Marvin Honeysuckle says this should serve as a warning to others because Puckett only got inside cars that were left unlocked.

“They go around checking doors. I think this guy was in his twenties and had a baby at home because he said he was heading to get diapers, but I guess had to take a detour to get money,” he said.


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