More than $1,000 raised online for puppy amputee

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It's the Oklahoma Standard alive and well, as people from across the state donate to save a 6-month-old puppy.

Little 'Xena' is now on her road to recovery. She stands on three legs, and is alive thanks to one alert animal lover.

"Driving through my neighborhood, I noticed a little puppy walking downt he street," said Kristie Sheen, who lives near N.W. 122nd and Penn. "So I stopped and put her in the car...and that's when I noticed the injury to her foot."

With a chord attached to Xena's collar, it appeared somehow that chord had wrapped around her leg.

"It was very horrific, she barely had a foot left at all, bones were sticking out," said Sheen.

So Kristy rushed Xena to a nearby vet, where she caught the eye of a man in the waiting room.

"Our president of the Bella Foundation was sitting there, and started sending the board member's pictures, asking what can we do," said Cherokee Ballard, with the foundation.

The Bella Foundation's mission is for every animal to receive the best possible care, and Xena needed a lot.

For close to an hour, she was in surgery at the Woodlake Animal Hospital, as veterinarians worked to remove her leg.

"This is one of the more gratifying procedures that we get to do," said Brian Jones, veterinarian and owner of the hospital. "When you take a dog that didn't have a whole lot of a chance."

But Xena's second chance was given, in large part, by generous Oklahomans.

Her procedure was paid for mostly by funds raised through a GoFundMe page.

"People just rallied around this little dog," said Ballard.

Monday afternoon, despite her medication, her tail was surely wagging. It appears this K-9 will be just fine, three legs and all.

Xena was also spayed at the hospital, so that she can later be adopted. Kristie says she plans on keeping the dog for now, and either adopting her, or finding a family that can give her the forever home she needs.


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