Norman man sentenced in connection with murder of ex-fiancee

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A Norman man has been charged for killing his ex-fiancee and revealed what weapon he used in court documents.

On July 10, police arrested Travis Beadle in Norman for first degree murder in connection with the death 19-year-old Ellaina Pechacek.

Pechacek was last seen by her family on Mother’s day. On July 28, police found human remains off I-40 and Peebly Road in Oklahoma City and later identified they belonged to the teenager.

According to court documents released this week, Beadle’s murder weapon was a hammer. A judge sentenced him to a suspended life sentence but must serve the first 40 years.

Wednesday, Pechacek’s family expressed their devastation in a statement: Pechacek3

There is simply no justifiable reason for a brutal act which robs a young person of their future. He didn’t just take a life. He robbed a family of every holiday, birthday and family milestone. She will be missed every day, every year for the rest of our lives.

As anyone who has [a] family member that has been reported missing or killed in an act of senseless violence understands, there can be no real justice. Once a life is taken, it cannot be replaced.

…This was a family member, a member of the community, a member of the human race.  We are one less now, she can never be replaced. No length of prison sentence or fine or fee will restore what we’ve lost.

The family also expressed their appreciation to all those involved in the process from law enforcement to “friends, neighbors and acquaintances” for helping them attain a sense of closure. Pechacek2

We owe a great debt to the people who have come forward with information that proved helpful in aiding the investigation that led to an arrest and conviction. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to achieve closure in this devastating loss without the outstanding response of friends, neighbors and acquaintances who provided many sources of information, helpful suggestions and prayers of support.

While we can never replace the hole left in our lives and in our hearts, we are all grateful to the Oklahoma City Police Department for bringing the guilty to justice and the families of central Oklahoma who have reached out to help us begin to heal.

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