“That says a lot about them,” Oklahoma City officers surprise burglary victim with TV

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A day in the life of a police officer does not always involve fighting crime. It often involves giving back to the very community they serve.

Recently, Oklahoma City Police officers surprised a burglary victim with a new TV after hers was stolen.

"It was a knock at the door and I go to the door, and it's the police officers with the TV and I was like 'oh my! Come on in,” Tonya Roberson exclaimed.

A picture that was snapped after her surprise delivery captured the joyful moment.

Police surprise woman with TV

Police surprise woman with TV

"Oh man,” Roberson laughed. "It was wonderful!”

Minutes before the photo was taken, Roberson was not so happy.

"It was so hard to sit here looking at walls,” she told NewsChannel 4.

A day earlier, her two flat screens were carried off by thieves, a 60-inch she bought just the last week.

"For somebody to take something from you, you know, I'm working three jobs trying to make it," Roberson said.

She claims one of the thieves was a relative.

"It breaks my heart. It really really breaks my heart, but you know, I do forgive the person that did it. I still love the person," Roberson said.

It was her story and kind heart that made Oklahoma City officers want to do more than just find the suspects.

"When he told me about it, I immediately felt compassion for her and I wanted to do something. So we sent a message out to all the computers and dispatchers and other officers," Officer Sommer Tyrrell said.

Within a single day, they raised enough money to buy a 32-inch flat screen TV, and the best part, they say, was delivering it!

"She was like deer in headlights. She was very shocked," Officer Michael Callaway smiled.

"Just happy to see her happy to see that we were able to bring a little bit of joy," Tyrrell said.

It may be just a small gesture to the officers, but it means something bigger to Roberson and her family.

"Along with my auntie, I’m very grateful for them and hopefully the world sees that there are good people and good officers out here," Cory Bobo, Roberson’s nephew, said.

"That says a lot about them. I'm so grateful for them," Roberson said.

The officers even help set up the TV.

Police say they are still searching for the suspects.

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