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Handy aids for achy hands

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People typically don’t think about how much they use their hands until they get stiff and painful.

Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions can make performing everyday tasks such as turning a doorknob, fastening a button or preparing a meal difficult and painful. Fortunately, there are dozens of different assistive devices and other products to help ease the burden of having achy hands.

To find out which devices can best benefit you, start by asking your doctor for a referral to an occupational therapist, who can test the strength and functionality of your hands and recommend appropriate aids. With that said, here are some excellent products for different needs, all ranging between $5 and $25.

Kitchen aids

Household Helpers

  • Doorknob extenders, key turners and big lamp switches - maddak.com

Easier Dressing

  • Button aid/zipper pull and elastic shoelaces - maddak.com

Easier Driving

  • Key turner, Kinsman gas cap removal tool and steering wheel cover - amazon.com

Writing Aids

Click here for more helpful hand aid products.


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