Great State: Four Weddings, Four Generations, One Unforgettable Anniversary

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- The last-minute details of a wedding involving as many as 200 guess required all hands on deck.

While bride to be Tiffanie Tigner looked through the planner with her mom Chrystal, groom to be Josh Laughter, his sister, and his future father in law William Tigner took turns polishing the plastic holders for the reserved seating sections.

The previous night had been rehearsal.

The big event was set for Saturday afternoon.

Tiffanie said, "I woke up this morning and I was like, 'we're getting married tomorrow. That's crazy."

For all the planning it takes to put on a big wedding Josh and Tiffanie didn't have to sweat the date much.

In a way, it was already chosen for them.

Josh said, "We looked at the calendar and it just happened that August 22nd was on a Saturday and we were like, 'perfect'."

Billie and Georgia, on the Tigner side of the family, married August 22nd, 1951.

Their son Carl married Linda Lou Nelson on that day 19 years later.

No one thought much about it until Chrystal and William chose the date for their wedding in 1992.

All they wanted was a something on a weekend.

Chrystal recalls, "When his grandma told us I thought, 'that's kind of neat'. We'll do it. This is going to be perfect."

Back to Josh and Tiffanie, they met in high school just like the three generations before them.

By now, August 22nd had become a sacred date.

Josh says, "She said she really wanted the wedding on that day to kind of carry it on since it's been done."

Four generations, four weddings, all on the same day.

The happiest family member of all to hear the latest news was great-grandma Georgia who, we're told, thought the date was a fitting memorial.

Chrystal, already jumpy about the next day's ceremonies and the television camera pointed at her, struggled with the word 'memorialize'.

A visitor to Josh and TIffanie's future home prompted, "It's a good omen."

"Right. Exactly," said Chrystal.

Love and laughter is their theme and modern wedding hashtag.

Everything else is ready for one more, big August 22nd.

Josh and Tiffanie's wedding is set for 5pm in El Reno.

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