In Your Corner: Unfinished projects leave families in pickle

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Customers are furious with a local remodeler.

Nikki Witcher says contractor Ed Earnest of State Renovators was supposed to put up new siding.

Nearly a year later very little work’s been done.

“It's flimsy,” she said. “It's not even really holding up on there.”

Nikki's on the hook for about $9,500.

Amy Brand's loss is far less, but still stings.

She says she’s out $1425.

Both women say they met Earnest at last year's state fair.  

“They had a booth there and had doors setup,” Amy said.

Amy Brand bought a new door.

“They just kept saying it's coming,” she said.

There’s no sign of her door or Ed Earnest.

I initially spoke to the contractor about the allegations over the phone.

He denied any wrong doing and told me he simply went out of business and was filing bankruptcy, although he refused to give me the name of his bankruptcy attorney.

Later on when we tried to talk to him again his numbers were disconnected.

For months we kept stopping by his house.

We know Earnest keeps ignoring customer complaints filed through the Better Business Bureau.

Check out his F Rating.

At least 10 new complaints since January and he's being sued by several suppliers, including Heartland Windows for about $111,000.

Back in 2012 the contractor was arrested for misdemeanor domestic abuse, but the prosecutor declined to file charges.

There are more online complaints against earnest's former company, Cashion Home Improvements.

His former business partner, Ken Cashion, filed bankruptcy earlier this year.

Customers are back to square one.

Nikki said, “I'm assuming I lost the money and will have to start over.”

I searched federal court records.

Earnest did in fact file bankruptcy, but it was way back in 1999.

There’s no record of him filing bankruptcy this year.

We've instructed customers to file a complaint with the Oklahoma Attorney General.

We'll keep you posted.

Whether you meet your contractor at the state fair or you find them some other way, protect yourself with due diligence.

Check out these tips for hiring a contractor.

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