Local heroes honored for saving woman’s life

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Devina Decamp has little memory of the day her car fell on top of her in February of this year.

She was in a parking lot in the 19-hundred block of Walnut in Oklahoma City.

Her car wouldn't start properly, so a local mechanic had given her car a quick fix.

"I was under the car because I'd had battery problems, and a friend of mine who's a mechanic said he could fix it to where I could start it under the car", Decamp said.

She was under the car trying to start it manually when it collapsed on her.

Three men working at an Oklahoma Department of Transportation repair shop across the street heard what was happening, and jumped into action.

"A fellow employee came running in to our door saying that they needed a jack - that there was a car on a lady."

The three ODOT employees ran over with a jack and already had the car lifted off Decamp when paramedics arrived.

Rescue crews say the men's quick actions saved Decamp's life.

She suffered an injured a nearly severed foot, and an injured spinal cord.

Roberts and her other two rescuers feared the worst.

"We had at one point kind of been informed that she had passed."

That was not the case.

Not only did Decamp survive, she is walking again.

It was very important to her that her heroes see how far she has come.

"It's really neat to see her up and around and I know she's got a ways to go."

Decamp says she's grateful to have her life.

"From the get-go I wanted to know what happened and meet the people that saved my life. I have a six-year-old daughter and it's very important that I be here for her and I just wanted to meet them in person and thank them."

The three men were honored with Certificates of Appreciation from the Oklahoma City Fire Department for demonstrating "The Oklahoma Standard".

A thankful Decamp continues to recover.


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