New released information about Ashley Madison website, city leaders investigating

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The exact consequences from the hack of a cheating website have yet to be fully known, but experts warn that you should tread with caution.

Earlier this week, NewsChannel 4 told you about some Oklahoman government emails found on the cheating website, Ashley Madison.

Originally, 21 emails were linked to city and state accounts, but now city leaders said that number has been reduced to 10.

With peoples’ personal information out there, one metro psychologist is warning users to be cautious.

"The opportunity to be anonymous and to link up with someone to have a thrill, something that's exciting, I think that's the draw that Ashley Madison has," said Dr. Stewart R. Beasley, PH.D.

The dating website that helps married couples cheat is getting a lot of attention.

Hackers released information about millions of customers, including Oklahomans.

"Even their most private thoughts and actions are going to be public and there's no such thing as privacy any longer in this country," said Dr. Beasley.

Dr. Stewart Beasley said if husbands or wives are worried, they should check to see if their spouse is signed up for the service.

"I would say go ahead, it's out there and if you want to check on it, I think it then becomes a matter between the two people, how they're going to reconcile and how they're going to deal with that particular thing," said Beasley.

Since city and state emails were among users on the subscribed list, city leaders have been in a scramble, starting their own investigation.

"It certainly is disturbing for the city leadership and supervisors," said Kristy Yager, City of Oklahoma City spokeswoman.

So far, their IT team has linked 10 active email accounts to Ashley Madison.

The city plans to now enforce a policy restricting people from using their email for personal use.

"We hope that our employees conduct themselves better in public and in private," said Yager.

Dr. Beasley has already seen the damage infidelity can have on a marriage. He knows several couples who were not able to work things out.

"I've had patients where a number of marriages have broken up because of Ashley Madison," said Beasley.

On Tuesday, hackers released 10 gigabytes of data, but more information has since been released, although it’s not yet clear what’s out there just yet.

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