Accused abuser caught on tape is former sheriff’s deputy

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A former Oklahoma County sheriff's deputy is accused of beating his wife with a flashlight and driving his pickup truck at the men who tried to stop him.

Douglas Beckham, 52, is currently sitting in jail at the Oklahoma County Detention Center - the same jail he once worked at, a spokesman for the sheriff's office confirmed Monday.

"He didn't go out; he wasn't driving around in a car or anything," said spokesman Mark Opgrande. "He was considered a deputy with a jail but not a patrol deputy."

Hired in 2006, Beckham started working as a detention officer. In 2010, he was transferred to work as a deputy in the jail itself.  He briefly worked in "The Garden," a place where inmates grew their own food, before he was terminated in 2011.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office would not say why Beckham was fired.

Beckham did not carry a gun or drive a patrol car.

"As far as his capacity with the sheriff's office, he did not do anything where he was interacting with the public," said Opgrande.

A few weeks ago, a group of men heading for El Paso say they came across Beckham hitting his wife with a flashlight in a shopping center parking lot, near the intersection of Council Rd. and the Northwest Expressway.  One of the men recorded the incident on a cell phone camera.

The men can be seen throwing punches at Beckham and breaking the rear window of his pickup truck.

Beckham drove away, but was arrested a couple hours later.

Court records show it's not the first time Beckham was arrested for alleged domestic violence.

In Dec. 2014, he was arrested after knocking his wife to the ground and hitting her with a claw hammer, according to court documents.

That case never made it to trial.

Beckham currently faces two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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