Customer says message on restaurant receipt made her sick to her stomach

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DENVER, Colo. - Beatriz Castorena loves Mexican food.

"We go like once or twice a month," she said.

However, she got a bad taste in her mouth while visiting El Valle Mexican Restaurant in Denver.

Castorena says after enjoying her favorite meal at the restaurant, she was shocked to find a note on her bill.

"I'm looking over it, and I'm like, 'Oh, wait a minute, look what is says on here," she told KDVR.

Underneath her order were the words "you f****** mexicans."

Castorena says she brought the note to the attention of the waitress.

"She looked at it and she said, 'Oh, ha! How funny.' Funny? That's not funny. That's not funny at all," she said.

The family who owns the restaurant says the waitress, who is Mexican, jokingly typed the message for the cook.

"No way was it intended for them or to them, or no way reflects what we believe because, obviously, we are all Mexican or we are Mexico born," said Oscar Rivera.

Castorena says no matter the reason, the message never should have shown up on her check.

She received an apology and her money back. The restaurant told employees to never do anything like that again.

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