Nearly 500 pound man biking his way from Massachusetts to California

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STONINGTON, Conn. – After more than a month of riding his bike across Rhode Island, a nearly 500 pound man who is biking across the country has finally made it out of the Ocean State.

Eric Hites aka “Fat Guy Across America” cruised into Stonington,Connecticut Saturday afternoon.

Eric started his journey in July in Massachusetts, with the goal of getting his life and wife back. Since then he’s lost 75 lbs and got back with his wife Angie, who is now biking alongside Eric on the cross-country trip.

“If he’s going to do this, going to work on our marriage, then I am too,” Angie said.

“Paid my dues in Massachusetts, ironed out the kinks in Rhode Island and we should be able to really rock it through Connecticut,” Eric said.

Eric’s story has gone viral since he first hopped on his bike.

Now as he and Angie peddle towards California, thousands of people across the globe are cheering them on. Eric says that along with the love of his wife, is what keeps him going each day.

“So many nice people out there,” said Eric. “Everyone says the world’s crap these days, but we’re seeing it different.”


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