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Woman wakes up to a stranger sleeping in her living room

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There was a startling discovery for a metro woman.

She woke up to find a stranger asleep in her living room.

The man who broke into the home did not take anything or hurt anyone, but he did give people inside the home quite the scare, as he went on to take a short nap.

"Police responded to a rather unusual burglary call," Msgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police said.

Police went to a home in the 3000 block of N.W. 29th St. after a woman called to report that a strange man was asleep inside her home. It was a man she had never seen before.

"They found the suspect asleep in the house, laying on a bed in the living room," Knight said.

Michael Fahringer had apparently not gotten enough rest, when he picked this home to get in some shut eye.

"They tried to wake him up, he was very lethargic, did not seem to really understand that he was awake," Knight says.

According to a police report, when officers tried to wake Farhinger, he asked them "what was going on" he said he "thought it was a dream."

It was more than a bad dream for the homeowner who was living a real-life nightmare.

"He had come into the house and basically just went to sleep," Knight said.

Police say it's unclear if the man was intoxicated, but they did find a bottle of vodka inside his car, which was parked right outside the home.

"It's obviously not the type of case we see very often around here, where somebody just comes into somebody's home, makes themselves at home by lying in a bed and going to sleep," Knight said.

He woke from a deep slumber to officers and their handcuffs.

Farhinger was booked in on two counts of breaking and entering.

In addition to the vodka bottle, police also found a marijuana pipe.

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